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We hired the Pirate Ship Jumping Castle for my little grandsons 1st birthday and he thought it was the best thing ever, all the kids stayed inside of the Jumping Castle and we never played any games as they refused to come out. We had no idea there was a slide inside...Read More



Loved the service they were exactly on time and we ended up keeping it for an extra hour so there were no complaints from the kids.

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Welcome to Wicked Jumping Castle

So you’re having a party, a get-together with friends or you have a special occasion you want to celebrate and you want it to be memorable. You decide to hire a Jumping Castle as most families will do, you hire one with four sides and pretty pictures on the side and you know the kids will enjoy it.

BUT WHAT IF… You hired a Jumping Castle that was a 6 meter long PIRATE SHIP with a slide inside of it, it also has cannons, pirates and ship masts that the kids can bounce off and did I mention its bright orange.


Or what about a 6 meter long PRINCESS CARRIAGE that’s the best brightest shade of pink you could imagine for a little girl. It also has a giant slide that comes out of it and princess on the windows, the wheels on this magical carriage are taller than most little girls.

If that’s not your cup of tea and you want something bigger have you heard about our MONSTER TRUCK…? It stands at a whopping 5 Meters high that’s about as high as a single story house. To enter this mammoth of a Jumping Castle the kids get to crawl through the grill at the front of it and it has this awesome blue and red stripe lining on the inside and fits at least 12 kids.

Our goal is to supply our customers with the most awesome and fun jumping castles you can possibly think of; we cater for children so we have them in mind when we add Jumping Castles to our collection. It’s their parties that we want to make special, memorable and unforgettable.

We are fully insured and our Jumping Castles are double stitched for durability, they are constantly cleaned and our blowers and other equipment are in excellent working order. We have very high standards and take pride in our customer service; we also appreciate any feedback you may have. We are a family run business and we are constantly looking to expand to offer more Jumping Castles that are different and unique, so watch this space.

From the team here at Wicked Jumping Castles we hope you enjoy your experience with us and we look forward to your next big event.

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